A new and compelling Mobile experience for mobile users. A truly empowering mobile experience that understands, anticipates, and responds according to your needs. Are you ready for a simplified, connected and better life? Make way for the Reos Experience. Giving us a quick access to everything that matters. Reos is enabled with an interactive service and function integration in one app that challenges the status quo.
Embrace Uncluttered Mobile Experience.

We at Reos, celebrate our 4 core values through our product offerings.


We strive to create reliable solutions which is simple to comprehend and use and that evolves with user’s needs and expectations.


We promise to bring solutions that matters ,and maintain the much required equilibrium between innovation and relevancy.


We are working to combine the human and machine intelligence to make technology more personal and purposeful that ever before.


We aim to assist you, delight you and amplify your strengths to do more.

About Cube26

Cube26 is a California based start-up with operations since 2012. Cube26 was built with passion and desire to revolutionize human-device interaction. Today, It empowers multiple lines of the Device ecosystems to provide a faster, sleeker user experience that works intelligently with various services.

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